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Description of Work

Zvi Sahar is an Israeli born actor, director, puppeteer and the Artistic Director of PuppetCinema, a new concept of performance combining puppetry, theater and film. Using live camera feed to project the scenes created live on stage, they explore the dialogue between the various media in order to build an artistic synergy. Film and puppet-theater, used simultaneously, complement each other: the puppets and other theatrical aspects create the live energy of the now-and-here; the camera, actively participating in the dramatic events, enriches the world of the puppets by revealing perspectives and visuals not possible in conventional theater. Thus, the interaction between puppets and camera; puppeteers, actors, screen, cables, cameraman, set &light technicians –all equally exposed – deepens the dramatic story creating a new theatrical experience.



Zvi Sahar is Israeli born and currently working in NY. As an actor, Zvi has worked with several prominent theater groups in Israel including that of director Rina Yerushalmi (an Israel Prize for Arts recipient). With his own Tel-Aviv company, Zvi co-directed and starred in the critically-acclaimed 'Richard III' and 'Oedipus Rex'. Zvi is the founder and artistic director of the Tel Aviv-NY company PuppetCinema - a new concept of performance combining puppetry, theater and film. Using live camera feed to project  the scenes created on stage, PuppetCinema's mission is to explore the dialogue between various media.  Its first production, 'Planet Egg', conceived at the St. Ann's Warehouse Puppet Lab, was later staged at The International Puppet Theater & Film Festival in Israel, and at Dixon Place, HERE, DC Capital Fringe (where featured as the Washington Post's Editor Pick) and lately at the Hawaii Fringe Festival. The work was supported by The Consulate General of Israel in NY, DC and LA. In 2012, Zvi was a residence artist at the LABA program of the 14th Street Y, where PuppetCinema’s new show, 'Salt of the Earth', was conceived. Based on Amos Kenan novel 'The Road to Ein Harod', the show is now in progress and will be presented as a work-in-progress in May 2013 at Dixon Place, NYC. Over the years, Zvi ‘s works have been supported by The Consulate General of Israel, Cheryl Henson of the Jim Henson Foundation, the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation and more.


"Salt of the Earth"

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An Overview of Zvi's Work - 2012