Work Description

“My music is a teleportation machine. Sounds for dancing and taking a journey through the mountains of Klezmer, the charming rainforests of Latin rhythms and the roller coaster of gypsy beats.”


Simja is a composer, singer and instrument player of klezmer, gypsy and world music mixed with new styles and latin flavour. As a musical curator, he works in YOK (American Joint DC), Jewish organization which developes cross cultural projects, and he organizes the two biggest Jewish Festivals in Argentina every year (Rosh Hashan Urbano and Pesach Urbano). He has also actively participated in movies, theater and radio productions.  He records and edits video projections for his live show, and in his hometown of Buenos Aires, he is the host DJ in the ultimate sensation party, in Ciudad Cultural Konex.

His music has travelled through the world as he has been invited to perform in festivals in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and Chile, among other countries. In February of 2013, Simja Dujov conducted a World Music Workshop organized by The Koffler Centre of Arts in Toronto, Canada, where he also performed with his band. A blend of Latin Cumbia, Balkan chords, Klezmer and Gypsy music, his music is perfect for getting into trance on the dance floor, to inject an overdose of energy and cheerfulness to any party. Simja´s show is a combination of live band, stage performance and video collages in-sync. This is the party itself.





"To Stay or To Go" - 2008

"Buenos Aires" - 2009

"Low Fi" - 2009

"Low-fi" - 2012

"Live Show" - 2011

"Medley Show" - 2011