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Salomee Speelt works from a particular concept and is inspired by Russian Constructivism and Russian avant-garde film. Different elements are juxtaposed in a collage that draws the viewers in and allows them to become activeparticipants in creating the final story. By placing different media together to form a collage they let pictures, actors, music and installations come together, sometimes forming a whole, sometimes opposing each other, like actors in a dialogue. In this context, each viewer will inevitably have a different understanding of the whole story that is a function of personal ethics, emotions, and experiences. It is a way to engage the audience to discover, assemble  and solve all the pieces of our and their puzzle, they live through something that becomes personal and therefor meaningful instead of only being a spectator.



Noemi Schlosser (b. 1978) graduated in 2001 under Ivo van Hove at the Concervatorium of Antwerp. She freelanced in theater, musicals and performances, playing leading roles and being part of 'The Smile off your face' winner of the Edinburgh Festival 2007. In 2004, she started her own mixed media theater company, Salomee Speelt, with whom she performed in Europe, Israel, Morocco and the US. Noemi writes, performs, directs and produces her own work and has been supported by cities and governments, as well as by private investors and companies. In her work, Schlosser wonders about 'the place of the individual in society', how someone can take her/his own destiny in hand, and people in extraordinary circumstances. Noemi works with new composers, painters, installation builders and outstanding musicians and performers from around the world.  In 2008-9 she curated the Jewish Cultural Year of the Province of Antwerp. In 2011, she became part of ROI and started a year long residency in Chicago for ShPieL, theater of Jewish Identity.  In the future, Noemi is working on an American tour of her prestige project 'Moscow-New York' about emigration in the 30s towards America and Russia, inspired by the work and life of Isaac B Singer. The show will include piano quartet, soprano, actors, and movies shot in both cities.  For 2014, her music theater project TRAKTORFABRIK has been selected by the European Union, as it commemorates 100 years of First World War, inspired on partizansongs and the work of Vassily Grossman.


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"Sound of Silence"

"Moscow-New York" Trailer


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"Yes! We Have No Bananas"