Work Description & Bio

The child of French immigrant parents and pronounced a child prodigy at the age of five, Michael is a violinist, singer, composer and performer. His music is strongly influenced by a variety of musical genres, including reggae, rock & roll, world, Irish and Middle Eastern music, creating a magical sound, guaranteed to lift the soul and sweep an audience onto the dance floor. Michael aspires to play the violin in original new ways, including as an electric instrument with which to lead a rock group. He sings in Hebrew, French and English, has recorded two music soundtracks (one winning the Israeli Oscars), performed with a dance and theatre groups, ‬and has worked with video artists to produce his own video clips. ‬

Michael's debut album, "Mitorer / Je me réveille" (Waking Up) was released by the major French music label, 'Naïve', which boasts renowned artists such as Carla Bruni and Marian Faithfull. In 2009, Michael's first single 'Ishti Hayekara' (My Beloved Wife) reached the top of Israeli charts and his follow-up single, 'J't'emmene au vent' (a 'Louise Attaque' cover) paved the way for his increasing success. 





"Tou Dou Dou" - 2011

"Dabru Iti Machar" - 2009

"Viens-ici" - 2009