​Description of Work

As an artist Lacey primarily produces and directs a variety of different length videos and films. She worked as a tv producer, directed an independent tv documentary for PBS, and executive produce numerous projects including music videos, documentaries and narrative films.




Lacey Schwartz has over a decade of experience in the nonprofit and media sector. Lacey has served as a production, development and community consultant for a variety of production companies, networks, and organizations including MTV, BETJ, @radical.media, Be’chol Lashon/ Institute for Jewish Community and Research and NASCAR. For her clients, Lacey has been involved in all levels of production, business, and creative strategy, from the initial development of creative ideas to physical production and the editing process through distribution. Lacey has worked on projects in conjunction with various entities, including the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Pepsi, GM, L’Oreal, Red Bull, PBS, BMW, BBC, Universal Studios, Universal Music Group, Warner Brothers and the Sundance Channel. She is currently in the finishing stages of directing and producing 'Outside the Box', a documentary about family secrets and dual identity, and is executive producing 'Oblivion', a narrative film about female abduction and forced marriage that is in post-production. Originally from Woodstock, NY, Lacey graduated cum laude in 1998 from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Government and a minor in Studio Arts, and received a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2003. Previous to her career in television and film production, Lacey worked in corporate, civil rights and entertainment law. She also worked as a New York City Public School teacher teaching math and theater while she DJed on the side for an arts organization, band and private parties.




Brooklyn, NY

United States

Film & Video