Jewlia is a composer, installation artist, musician, translation engine, and lay cantor. Her work has been curated into the Prague Bienalle, the Museum of Peace in Uzbekistan, and the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  Recent installations include The Bowls Project (YBCA), on magic and sex in Babylonian Jewish amulets, and Teraphim (Meridian Gallery), on household ancestor worship.  She has released four CDs on Tzadik’s Radical Jewish Culture series including 'Sarajevo Blues', which sets Bosnian resistance poetry, and 'Trilectic', a look at the political-erotic world of Walter Benjamin.  She is now at work on 'The Ginzburg Geography', a cartographic performance installation based on the lives of Natalia and Leone Ginzburg. 

Jewlia has been a visiting artist at CalArts, MIT, and UCLA, where she taught on the boundary lands holding music, spirit and critical theory.  Festivals she has played at include: Musique Actuelle (Fr), Mitte Free Fest (Ge), Leipzig Jazz Fest (Ge), Music Unlimited Wels (Au) Sarajevo Jazz  Fest (Bos), Mulhouse Musique (Fr), Dranouter Folk (Be), Victoriaville Fest (Can), Jewish Culture Fest (Po), and many others at home and abroad.  Hobbies include class war and knitting.  Brooklyn born and bred, she now calls Oakland home.


Descriptions of work  

Jewlia founded her ensemble Charming Hostess in 1998 to explore the intersection of text, voice, and diaspora consciousness, pushing for translation strategies between verbal and non-verbal languages.  These days, they work in space as well as sound. Individual voices and communal experiences come together to create a dialogic, multi-faceted whole.

Oakland, CA
United States



"Oh Barren One" - 2010

"Bird of Rivers"