New York, NY
United States


Description of Work

Jake’s first poetry collection, “Jazz Talmud” was published by the Sheep Meadow Press in 2012, and has explored, among other themes, the polyrhythmic, multi-vocal, and hermeneutic nature common to both jazz and the Talmud. Consequently, a performance based on these poems has premiered live, accompanied by the Ayn Sof Arkestra - a klezmer big band under the direction of Greg Wall and Grammy-winning trumpet player Frank London. Jake often collaborates with musicians, exploring the improvisational and performative aspect of poetry. While he’s performed with some well known New York jazzmen, including Wall, London, Anthony Coleman, and numerous others, his work isn’t jazz poetry. Rather, his work is more concept art, where poetry and music interact with one another and prod one another to new places.



Currently a doctoral candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center, in 2008-2009 he was a Dorot Fellow in Jerusalem. He frequently contributes to the Forward and Tablet Magazine, and has lectured & performed at Adelphi University, Stern College, Touro College, Mechon Hadar, Bowery Poetry Club, Joe's Pub, Vision Festival, Limmud UK, among numerous other venues. Recently, he has co-hosted North America’s first Jewish Poetry retreat at the KlezKanada Festival.

Jake was born in a small town in Ukrainian steppes and arrived to the United States at the age of 15; a number of his works and concerns reflect a degree of nomadism, misplacement, collision of linguistic and cultural paradigms. In the vein of collisions: during the day, he is holding down a full time job at Random House, and lives in New York with his wife and son.



"Mishnah of Loneliness / Mishnah of Visions" - 2011

"The Laws of Dreamcooking / Bath-House of Dreams" - 2012

"Amphibian Nign" - 2012

3 AM Nign - 2012

Mishnah of Visions - 2012

Klezmer Bulldog - 2012