Brooklyn, NY
United States


Work Description

Ira’s work explores the boundaries between video and architecture. Her latest multi-channel video installations involve deconstructed narratives of an autobiographical nature that examine issues of migration and identity in flux. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the immigration wave that followed it is a phenomenon that Ira investigates in her work, as a personal experience and as a global one:  her work is contemplation on the loss of communist ideals that promised to lead the world to a brighter future, and their disassembly and navigation in the constant search of a new place.


Ira usually performs in her videos alongside members of her family, presenting the family structure as a model of the society as a whole. Her work examines the changes that occur in the family structure once it’s displaced to a different society, or when the society structure collapses. 

Ira was born and raised in the Soviet Union, until she immigrated to Israel in 1990. She received her MFA from Hunter College in 2011 and a Bachelor degree in Art and Education from Tel Aviv University in 2004. She had a solo exhibition at Momenta Art, Brooklyn and Braverman gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2012. She is a recipient of the Artis exhibition grant and Ostrovsky Family fund for 2012. Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions and screenings in New York, Israel, Greece, Italy, Japan, Finland, China, and elsewhere. She currently lives and works in New York.

Visual Arts