Film and Video

Work Description

Ilya’s work is typically dark, gloomy, and cynical. He is focused on the outsider, looking in or down on the world, even while existing within it.



Born in Moscow, Ilya spent his teenage years in the cultural wasteland of Birmingham, Alabama, firmly cementing his notion of himself as a permanent outsider. He studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Northwestern University in Chicago, focusing on career and academics. Meanwhile, he took classes in film and watched everything he could find at the university library - but the idea of actually creating, rather than consuming, never materialized itself.  After college, he spent two years in Japan and the sheer visual stimuli of that place finally brought him over the edge.

When Ilya  moved back to the States and came to New York, he realized this was the place where he could realize some form of artistic freedom, in parallel with his “career”. He spent a year or so helping out on film shoots and learning the ropes, before he finally made 'Awake' with a close friend.  So that’s where he is now: one film behind him, a lot of ideas, and in need of people to collaborate with to turn them into reality.


New York, NY

United States