​Description of Work

Guila’s work is to transmit the suffering memory of the Shoah, in particular genocides such as the ones in Rwanda, Armenia, and Bosnia, and other human Rights, on stage.


Guila Clara Kessous is a specialist in Arts and Human Rights. She created the “Theatre and Human Rights” curriculum at Paris Institute of Political Studies, and founded the program at the Carr Center of the Kennedy School at Harvard University. She conceives drama as a socially conscious reflection pervading multiple aspects of society and culture. Her approach to theater as a cultural marker is multifaceted. She has benefited from her American and European theatrical approaches as an artist, actress, researcher, and teacher by collaborating with directors including John Malkovich.

She received a PhD in ethics and aesthetics under the mentorship of E. Wiesel, an MBA in cultural business, and a cross-disciplinary MA in comparative dramaturgy, cinema, and pedagogy. She received two awards for teaching excellence from the Harvard Derek Bok Center and has pursued her teaching in Europe and overseas (Harvard University, Boston University, Oxford University, University of Geneva, Ecole Normale Supérieure, etc.). With regards to her theatrical and cinematographic research, Kessous is a member of the ARIAS laboratory (CNRS/Paris III/ENS) as an associate researcher and holds a Post-doctorate scholarship from the Foundation for Research and Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (FIIRD) at the University of Geneva. She has been nominated a Knight of Arts & Letters (Chevalier des Arts et Lettres) by the French Ministry of Culture for her work on the influence of French culture overseas. For her dedication in Arts and Human Rights, she was awarded the title of UNESCO Artist for Peace.




Performing Arts