Tel Aviv


Performing Arts

Description of Work

In his work, Gil tries to bring in space a combination of images, visual ideas and situations, interactions between human beings with the language of dance and choreography, stage design, music, drama and performances, into one story. His work is an answer to his passion of creating atmosphere.



Gil was born in Israel in 1989, and graduated from the Dance Department at professional Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, in Tel Aviv. In 2007, he moved to Holland, where he pursued a higher dance education at Rotterdam Dance Academy. During his years in Rotterdam, created his first works as a choreographer. As a dancer, Harush gained highly valued experience with many choreographers throughout Israel & Europe. In 2010, he won the “Israeli Union of Performing Art” Award for his work “4GIVEN” which premiered at the Dancers Creating Festival 2011, in Tel Aviv.

Aside from his creations, he has become a well known teacher in the center of Israel. He teaches classical ballet, contemporary modern dance, as well as professional repertoires in many professional dance programs and dance companies. In late 2011, he presented his piece “TAKANA” at the “Shades of Dance” festival, known as one of the most important dance events in Israel. In 2012, Gil presented his full piece “GOOD ENOUGH PARENTS” at Suzanne Dellal Center of Dance and Theater. The piece, which combines performing arts, contemporary dance, and theater, has been presented in Europe as part of the International Events, which celebrated the 25 years of relations between Israel and Ukraine. Gil's creations illustrate real life situations, while combining drama and performance skills, humor and color, with a strong accent on visual elements. There are always strong inputs from the fields of Psychotherapy and his Body & Soul Balance studies. In March 2013, he will present a world premiere at the Contemporary Dance Week in NYC.

"Good Enough Parents" - 2012

"Garlina Portzelan" - 2012

"Takana Trailer" - 2012