Work Description

Ella has worked in various facets of music, theater and poetry. Her greatest accomplishment has been as a singer, with her first solo album, published by the Colombian independent record label Polen Records. While writing the songs and working with the musician and producer, all composing together, she learned once again that simplicity is the best friend of honesty. They lost themselves in the work before deciding which road to take. The colors of the music came from an intensive research; they played with everything they found in the studio, becoming children again, and they used every resource from silence to improvisation to exhaustion.


Ella was born in Israel and grew up in Colombia, after which she moved to France to study French and the performing arts at the University of Rennes, where she majored in theater. She has been singing and acting from a very young age, and has always been involved, in many different ways, with the arts. As she was studying, she worked as a production assistant with a very great European theater writer and director, Rodrigo Garcia, with whom she travelled and learned much from.

Ella then moved back to Colombia, where she worked for one of the largest and most important theater festivals in the world, Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogota. She worked her way up, and eventually became the International Communications Coordinator.  She also acted in theater, with Manolo Orjuela, among other artists. They premiered at the Festival and then toured to Spain, Brasil, Ireland and Germany.

She then published her first solo album INK, with the independent label Polen Records, which in 2010 was selected among the top 10 albums of the year in three different newspapers. In 2011 she coordinated the first phase of an international theater project which involved an investigation in the women’s prison in Bogota. The project was with the NY based theater company The Civilians and its director Steven Cosson, as well as Oscar nominee writer Jose Rivera. One year ago she moved to Israel and recently began a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at the University of Tel Aviv.

Ella Fuksbrauner - 2011
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Out in the Sun - 2012




Mieux - 2010