​Description of Work

David sees his job totally inscribed in the Jewish tradition, sanctifying each moment of life, using my camera to tell stories that people are unable to see under the veil of daily life.  For the past few years he has been working on a documentary series about Carnivals. This work demonstrates my approach, as Carnivals look like simple pagan street celebrations, but they are real struggles. The first episode “Wanna be Free” shows the struggle of Caribbean immigrants who had to face violent racism when they arrived in England. Rather than fighting in the streets, they decided to take the streets and make a carnival, starting with around 400 people. Today, the Notting Hill Carnival is the biggest cultural event of UK.




Born in Paris, David Rybojad is a 32 year old film-director.  A few years ago, he set up a production company, Art 2 Voir, with some friends. Then, their adventure started.  That same year they made two independently produced movies. The first, about African illegal immigrants, called 'Crime of Hope,' and the second film, 'Wanna Be Free.'  Notting Hill, a carnival as a mirror, initiated a documentary series about carnivals around the world. Carnival being a very cinematic event, which is full of positive energy, but always carrying the struggle of a people.  He has just finished the third episode of the series, which has been taken up by the main French broadcaster, France TV.  After focusing on the Caribbean people of London and Paris, this movie tells the story of the Jewish people, Pourim, Ad Lo Yada, the Tel Aviv Carnival.  David has recently directed a movie about the “proteiform” music producer, Liam Farrel, a.k.a. Doctor L.  This movie, 'A Free Man Can,' is a musical journey through Senegal, at the heart of which lies the creation process of Doctor L. Doctor L was accompanied by his band, the Black Cowboys, a crew from France and Africa.  David is currently writing new projects and studying for a master in psychoanalysis. His research is focused on the idea of brotherhood in the Old Testament. He lives between France and Israel.






Film & Video

Wanna Be Free. Notting Hill, a carnival as a mirror - 2009

Title: Pourim, Ad Lo Yada. The Tel Aviv Carnival. - 2012


A Free Man Can. A portrait of Doctor L. - 2012