Astoria, NY
United States


Description of Work & Bio

David is an NY-based writer, director, teacher, and solo performer, who creates solo text-driven performances that combine personal memoir, historical research, and occasionally extremely gentle non-invasive not-the-horrible-kind-of audience interaction. While one could consider his work part of an extensive tradition of monologuists, he aims to delve deeper into the spiritual/metaphysical aspects of his subjects, without sacrificing humor and accessibility. Previous work has focused on bisexuality/linguistics, bisexuality/astronomy, Hamlet/Rational Emotive Behavior Theory, and Raoul Wallenberg/adolescence.

David is interested in exploring the intersection of art, personal history, and social justice, and, on his best days, he believes that both his creative path and life have centered around those concepts. His first solo show, 'The Bisexual Alphabet', was seen at the Edinburgh and Montreal Fringe Fests, as well as London's Camden People's Theatre and various US venues.  Other artistic projects have taken him to Hungary, Czech Republic, Cambodia, France, and Vietnam, where he was a Luce Scholar and guest professor at the Ho Chi Minh City College of Stage and Cinema (and directed a Tennessee Williams play in Vietnamese!).  More recently, his solo show about Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg, 'Letters from Young Men', premiered at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago and was co-commissioned by the American Jewish Artists Club.  

As a director, he is most drawn to new plays and musicals that tell stories from the margins of societies.  His current project, a collaboration with playwright Anna Moench, and actors and designers from NYU's graduate programs, examines the ideological overlap between freegans and doomsday preppers (research included learning the arts of both dumpster diving and survivalism).   He is as passionate about teaching as he is about making art, and one of his favorite gigs is directing the Orchard Project's Core Company, an apprentice program for college-aged multidisciplinary theatre artists in Upstate NY.   A Chicagoan by birth (and temperament), he lives in Queens with his partner Jonathan.


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