Toronto, ON

Calculating the Price of Exile #1 - 2010

​Work Description

Nino develops her visual language based on text and comparative observations on the cultures and places in which she lives. She uses mediums such as uniquely bounded artist books, installations that combine print, illustration, video, and sculptures, and more traditional drawings. Her narratives, although often fragmented, have a tendency to connect clear insights and post-modern self-awareness. Intentionally or not, this awareness leads her to correspond with psychoanalysis, and deal with questions of self and other-perception. Her work is situated between documentation and fiction, and it often reflexively confronts the challenges and boundaries of visual language.




Nino (b. Tbilisi, Georgia, 1980) is currently based in Toronto. In her work, Nino represents and analyzes the possibilities and problems of communication between cultures and people, in an attempt to define the experience of one never having a homeland, and a permanent status of otherness.  Nino has a BA from Bezalel, the Israeli Academy of Arts and Design, and an MA from Konstfack, the Swedish Academy of Arts and Crafts, both in Visual Communication (graphic design and illustration). She has also studied as an exchange student at HAW Hamburg, Germany. In 2009, during her MFA studies in Stockholm, Nino established an independent publishing house which focuses on limited editions of books, with a focus on cooperation between artists from different mediums, illustrators, and critical thinkers.  Nino took part in exhibitions at, among others: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel; Noga, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel; Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem, Israel; Grafiska Sallskapets, Stockholm, Sweden; National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia; and Meneer de Wit Gallery Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nino was twice the winner of the Ulla Fröberg-Cramér Foundation award, an has won Yossi Stern Prize for unique achievements. She has recently been awarded the Prins Fellowship for Artists and Writers, NY.


Visual Arts