Over the last two decades, Alejandro has had more than 30 releases of his music on many well-respected record labels around the world. He has written and performed music as part of numerous projects and groups. Also a composer of music for TV shows, documentaries, and educational materials, Alejandro’s past clients include PBS, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and Sony Music/Columbia Records.  As a sound engineer, Alejandro has recorded more than two hundred solo artists and bands for, KPFK 90.7 FM, and SASSAS.  As a multimedia artist, Alejandro created an installation for the LACo Natural History Museum’s “ Sonic Scenery” exhibit, co-created the exhibit “Into Infinity” funded by Creative Commons, and produced several multimedia films that have been shown around the world. 

Currently the co-director of the Internet radio station, and creative collective DUBLAB, Alejandro’s responsibilities include curating the station’ s programming and podcast offerings, organizing a yearly ambient music event called Tonalism, and fundraising for the organization. Notable achievements as part of his work at DUBLAB include creating Dublab’s first film 'Second Hand Sureshots', and producing a film series called 'Vision Version'.  Alejandro occasionally teaches a class of experimental music and multimedia art to LAUSD high school students as part of the The HeArt Project, an organization that brings art education to continuation schools throughout LA County.  The curriculum created by Alejandro focuses on composition, creative process, and music appreciation combined with hands on activities.


Descriptions of work  

Alejandro is a music producer at every level of the discipline, from music composition, to songwriting, studio production for other artists, the production of live concerts and happenings, and the production of music radio programs.

Oakland, CA
United States



"Sunblitz" - 2011

"65 Immigration" - 2012

"Dream Lover" - 2012

Krautrock Classics
Krautrock Classics